We have done our best to create activities that require common household items that you may already have around your house.  Have fun with these activities!

*As we navigate our Virtual Classroom, we want to stay connected to your child and family. Please feel free to send us videos and pictures of your children engaged in our curriculum. You may send them via email: We will view these files as a staff to celebrate your children’s achievements. It is important for us to stay connected to all our families!


Week Thirteen: 6/15 – 6/18

Unit: Eric Carle and Review Letters “Uu through Zz”



1. Color and Cut Caterpillar Worksheet

  1. Color the caterpillar
  2. Cut it out
  3. Optional: Glue the caterpillar onto a piece of construction paper


1. The Very Hungry Caterpillar Craft Activity

  1. Use the link below to follow the instructions for the activity


Caterpillar Activity Picture


1. Handprint Hermit Crab Craft Activity

  1. Watch the video with Miss Lori


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