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Pre-K Advent Program (I'm the Happiest Christmas Tree)

The Pre-K students have worked very hard over the past few weeks preparing for our annual Advent Program. They decorated their beautiful Christmas Trees at home with the help of their families. Our preschool students were our attentive audience and cheered them on as they performed "I'm the Happiest Christmas Tree".

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Pre-K going on a leaf hunt

Our Pre-K students took a walking field trip to find leafs in our neighborhood. They sorted and categorized the different leaves that they found.

Happy Halloween!

The Annunciation Preschool students enjoyed a Faboolous Halloween celebration! We hope that family and friends will be able to join us once again next year! The children showed up for preschool in their own costumes and went to stations to experiment with a variety of activities. Enjoy the slideshow!

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Preschool In Session While Learning and Socializing

We are so grateful to be back and helping your children learn while also practicing social distancing and healthy habits. They are working so hard and smiling and laughing with their new and old friends!


I would like to start the year by thanking the staff and families of Annunciation Preschool! I am constantly reminded of what an amazing community we have here in Stockton. We are so grateful that we were able to reorganize our preschool program and daily schedule in order to meet all the new guidelines and recommendations for preschool programs. Welcome Back! We are looking forward to an exciting new preschool year of exploration!


I can not thank you each enough on behalf of the staff of Annunciation Preschool. We would like to extend our sincerest gratitude for your support and positive feedback during this time of remote learning! Our families and parents are truly the cornerstone of our program and you are what makes Annunciation Preschool so unique and special. We would also like to extend our deepest appreciation to Gabriel Porras for being instrumental in helping us provide a virtual classroom for your children. We would not have been able to design such a program without his help! We are looking forward to resuming on campus preschool in August so please continue to monitor your emails for the most up to date information as we transition back into interactive and in person preschool. Please watch the thank you video below!

Thank You Gabriel Porras!

Thank you!


We had so much fun putting togehter our curriculum for Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales! I hope your children had a blast learning about some of our classic stories like the Three Little Pigs! We only have two more weeks left in our current year of remote learning. Please check out our Newsletters and Calendars to get the most current information on our End of Year Celebrations scheduled for June 18th. We are looking forward to seeing all of you soon!

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I hope all of you enjoyed exploring our unit on the Oean and Beach! We had so much fun chatting with your kids and seeing what they had to share this past week. Please keep sending in your videos and pictures. We get so much enjoyment out of celebrating your children and the achievements they have accomplished during remote learning. We only have a few weeks left in our current preschool year... amazing! The staff has been working hard preparing our end of year celebrations and all of our families should receive an email this coming week.


Wow! Can you believe that we just finished nine weeks of remote learning? I am truly amazed by our incredible staff and families for making this such a successful endeavor. I hope your children had fun exploring our unit of the Zoo! I connot believe that we have less than a month left in our current preschool year. Continue to watch your emails for details regarding our end of year celebrations. You are all amazing and thank you for your continued support!


We would like to take a moment to thank all of our families for their patience and support of our virtual classroom and remote learning. We just finished our second rotation of Google Meet live chats. We loved interacting with your children through live feeds! Please continue to check your email with details of our future rotations. We are integrating themes into our chats in order to build and develop additional language with your children as well as facilitating interactions with their peers. Please continue to email pictures and videos of your children. Stay Healthy!


Happy Mother's Day to all our Mothers, Grandmothers, Aunts and special family friends! We finished up our unit on the Farm this past week. I hope you all enjoyed the projects and activities we posted. Once again, thank you to everyone who shared their videos and pictures!

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Another week of remote learning at Annunciation Preschool! The teachers enjoyed chatting with your children through live videos the past two weeks. We continue to appreciate all of your pictures and videos! Congratulations to the Huff family on the new addition to their family! 


The Staff of Annunciation Preschool is sincerely grateful for all of our families, parents, and students. Your participation and support is what makes our preschool so exceptional!  Thank you for your emails of pictures and videos! We deeply appreciate your involvement in your child's education.  We understand that this is a difficult and unusual time for many of our families and staff and we are so excited to see your children. A special thank you to the families and teachers who participated in our first week of live chats through Google Meet. If you are unable to participate at the times and days that we invited you, please feel free to reach out to us.  We will try to find a time that may work for your child!

Week Four of our Virtual Classroom

I hope everyone had an amazing and relaxing Easter Break! Thank you to the families who submitted pictures and videos this past week. Please continue to email pictures, videos, and PDF's of your child's work so that we can celebrate their progress.

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Week Three of our Virtual Classroom

Week three of our remote learning was exciting! We spent time preparing for Easter Sunday and the rise of our Lord, Jesus Christ. "Alleluia, He is risen!" We would also like to congratulate the Pimentel family! Liam was joined by a baby sister, Averi Rose on April 2nd.  She is thriving and doing well! Thank you to Ricky for sharing your video's! You did an amazing job explaining coronovirus and how important it is to stay safe! Thank you to the many families who emailed pictures and videos to us this past week. These connections bring a smile to our face; we love when we can share in your child's achievements. Thank you!

Andres - Congratulations on learning your ABC's!


Liam - Congratulations on your new baby sister!


Zyla - Thank you for sharing!


Week Two of our Virtual Classroom

Our families are AWESOME! Thank you for continuing to email pictures, videos, and even PDF files of your child's work.  We appreciate your continued support and we love to connect with your children!  We hope to see you all face-to-face real soon!

Week One of our Virtual Classroom

Thank you to all the families that shared pictures and videos our first week of remote learning! We miss you all and are grateful for your responses! Click on the links below to view some great videos and examples of some of your children's work! Please continue to send files of your children so the staff can celebrate your child's weekly achievements!

Links to Videos:

Examples of our student's completed Worksheets:

Muffins With Mom's

Hooray for our Moms! Thank you to all the Moms, Grandmas, Aunts and special family friends that joined our children and teachers for a special snack of muffins.  Your participation supported the letter "M" week and reinforced your child's learning.  Thank you for all you do for your children!

Santa Visits Annunciation Preschool!

Thank you so much to Santa for taking time out of his busy schedule to come visit our students! Each child received a children's book and a candy cane; as well as tell Santa what they would like for Christmas! Thank you for making our preschool such a magical place for a couple of days!

Happy Thanksgiving

Our preschool children enjoyed a delicous Thanksgiving Feast! Thank you to all the families that came to enjoy home cooked dishes and to support our preschool. Thank you to the Bennett and Vierra Families for providing incredible turkeys for us to savor!


The students, teachers and families of Annunciation Preschool hosted our annual Trunk-or-Treat event again this year on Wednesday, October 30th and Thursday, October 31st.  Thank you to all the families who graciously decorated their trunks and cars for the enjoyment of our children!

Annunciation Preschool Prepares for the Holiday Season!

Students at Annunciation Preschool learn songs and finger plays in preparation for Halloween!


Annunciation Preschool celebrated Donuts-For-Dads on October 17th and 18th.  

Dads, Grandpas, Uncles, and special family friends were invited to join the children and teachers for donuts for dads.  We invited them to our classroom to support the children's learning and reinforce the letter "Dd".  Thank you to everyone who joined us for this tasty event!

Annunciation Preschool Visits Fog Willow Farms

Students, Parents, and Teachers of Annunciation Preschool visit Fog Willow Farms!  

Thank you to Fog Willow Farms for providing a memorable experience to our preschoolers.  We enjoyed many activities including a hay ride, brushing a sheep, picking a pumpkin, visiting the petting zoo to socialize with the goats.  Thank you to the staff of Fog Willow Farms and to all our parents who chaperoned this fun and educational field trip!


Thank you to all the family and friends who joined us for our annual Bowl-A-Thon fundraiser on Saturday, September 14th.  It was incredible watching our families and children have family fun while bowling.  Our families are what makes Annunciation Preschool such a special and unique community.  Thank you for supporting Annunciation Preschool!

Pre-K Garden Keeps Growing!

Garden1Garden2The Pre-Kindergarten students at Annunciation Preschool continue to work on their community garden!

Miss Danielle helps her preschool and ​pre-kindergarten students paint and decorate their new planter box.  Thank you to the Crawford family and other anonymous donors!

Welcome Back to Preschool

Annunciation Preschool returned to school on Monday, August 5th.  The students are learning and thriving while making and intereacting with new friends!