Safe Environment

Safe Environment

Children deserve a future of peace. As adults it is not only our duty, but it is our responsibility to protect and promote the health, happiness and joy of our children and young people. To the best of our ability, we will ensure our Church organizations create a holy space that will foster a safe environment in which our children can grow and develop. We will create an atmosphere of esteem, respect, and safety; a space where children can experience the love of God. This is the desire and goal of the Safe Environment-Child Abuse Prevention Program established for the Diocese of Stockton.

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With the new school year beginning we remain focused on the importance of protecting our children and young people from harm.  Training requirements to safeguard children have been established in all parishes throughout the Diocese of Stockton.  These programs help ensure that all children and youth experience a safe environment in all parish and school activities.

The Diocese of Stockton mandates that all people who work with children and youth in our parishes and schools (parents, grandparents, catechists, athletic coaches, teachers, aides, and staff) must undergo Child Abuse Prevention training as established by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  This training includes being fingerprinted and background checked and completing the VIRTUS on-line training course.  VIRTUS training must be repeated every three years.  The first course is entitled Protecting God’s Children and the second course is entitled Keeping the Promise Alive.

If you are planning on being involved at your child’s school, parish, or religious education classes, you are required to complete this training.  No one is allowed to work with or around children unless they have a live-scan Fingerprint Clearance form and a recent VIRTUS Certificate of Completion form on file with the parish or school’s Safe Environment Coordinator.

It is important to remember that all clergy, staff, volunteers, and employees are Mandated Reporters. They are required by law to report any sign of abuse.

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