Comfort One Another

The Bereavement Ministry is a caring ministry which provides support to families and individuals who are going through the grief cycle. Our goal is to assist you with end-of-life situations, funeral planning, and outreach during the months following the death of your loved one.

Please feel free to call the Parish House to arrange an appointment with the clergy or Bereavement Ministry member.
We are in this together.

- Bereavement Ministry Coordinator, Yvonne Harrold.

Will You Help Us?

If you are interested in joining this ministry, please call the Parish House at
209-463-1305 and chat with Yvonne.  We'd love for you to join us and many others in our journey through difficult times. 

A Wonderful Birth

A Wonderful Birth


When trials and losses of this life get you down,
When your heart is aching and the world
seems to be tangled and twisted,
Know there is One who is always beside you
to love and to strengthen, to uplift and guide you,
His name is Jesus, our Lord, He will show you the way.