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Cyo 10.13.20
Cyo 10.13.2020

CYO Update 10.13.20

Thank you to the families who have filled out the interest form.  Based on the survey, we have enough athletes in order to proceed with all 3 sports for girls and boys.  In girls basketball, based on numbers, we will be combining grades 3 & 4, 5 & 6, and 7 & 8. Please be on the lookout for the registration forms.  We are currently looking to create fillable forms for ease of social distancing.  Please know that all timelines and decisions will be made based on Stockton Diocese and San Joaquin COunty Health Department guidelines.  Please continue to pray that we will have CYO athletics at Annunciation.
Our Annunciation CYO board will provide more correspondence at a later date.

Arica Arucan AD Girls Basketball
Greg Gonsalves AD XC and Boys Basketball
Eba Martinez AD Girls Volleyball

Annunciation CYO Volleyball 2020

We would like to thank all of the girls who worked so hard and practiced this past 2020 season. As you go into a new chapter in your academic life, remember all of your good times at Annunciation! May God grant you all the strength to take on this "new normal" and continue growing and serving the Lord and your community

Safe Environment

Children deserve a future of peace. As adults it is not only our duty, but it is our responsibility to protect and promote the health, happiness and joy of our children and young people. To the best of our ability, we will ensure our Church organizations create a holy space that will foster a safe environment in which our children can grow and develop. We will create an atmosphere of esteem, respect, and safety; a space where children can experience the love of God. This is the desire and goal of the Safe Environment-Child Abuse Prevention Program established for the Diocese of Stockton.

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