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This page will list links that will lead you to videos and songs that relate to what your child will be learning this week. Videos were taken from YouTube, ABCMouse, Starfall, and various other educational sites. All these videos are publicly accessed; but we attempted to collect and categorize videos we thought might be helpful to your child.



University of Nebraska - Wash Your Hands After...

Hand Washing Poster


YouTube - Germs, Germs, Germs:


Week Eleven: 6/1 – 6/5

Unit: Nursery Rhymes and Review Letters “Hh through Mm”


FunbrainJr – Rhyming Dustbunnies


FunbrainJr – Billy Goat


FunbrainJr – Big, Mean Dust Bunny printable rhyming words worksheet


Education – The Three Little Pigs Game


Education – Rhyme Time Matching Game


YouTube – Jack & Jill Kids Songs


PINKFONG – I’m a Little Teapot


StoryBots – ABC Song – The Letter “I”



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