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Welcome to Our Virtual Preschool

We returned to on-site preschool on August 3rd. This website page was created to to simulate classroom learning and curriculum during COVID-19. Please feel free to navigate these pages which encompass several areas of preschool learning, such as Math and Science, Tablework and Practice (for both Preschool and Pre-K), Art, Music and Movement, Educational Videos, and also a page with our monthly prayers. Start each morning visiting the Greeting and Carpet Time page. We encourage you to explore all the pages. Your children do not need to complete the work for days they do not usually attend; you may want to focus on the MWF or TTH schedule if your child does not attend preschool five days a week. However, feel free to take advantage of all the resources and curriculum that we offer for the week.  Use the blue sidebar to navigate our different areas of learning and assignments for each day. We have also added a Virtual Calendar to access activity suggestions easily. The information on these pages are not updated but give you an idea of what Annunciation Preschool provided during our temporary preschool closure. Please contact the Director if you are interested in remote learning for your preschool child. Preschool Classroom Videos Produced by: Gabriel Porras.

We will be communicating with parents through email at  Miss Shannon is monitoring our inbox daily.  We are available to answer questions, respond to the requested assignments and check in with families as needed.


  1. Visit the Virutal Classroom daily, including the Music and Movement, and Educational Videos pages.
  2. Always make sure that your child is holding their writing utensil correctly in order to continue to develop good writing habits.
  3. Remind your child to stay in their seat during "seat" work, such as writing and coloring.
  4. Remind them that fast work is not better; Preschool work is not a race and to do their best.
  5. If your child is writing their name, remind them to write their own name at the top of each page and worksheet.
  6. Email Pictures and Videos of your child's work each week.


The following supplies will be helpful as you implement some of our suggested activities:

  • crayons/markers/colored pencils
  • writing pencils
  • scissors
  • glue sticks
  • binder paper
  • construction paper.


To help our parents get through this transition, we wanted to share an article with you that includes some great resources for families.

Common Sense Resources for Families Who Are Home-Bound

We would like to share an engaging and kid-friendly YouTube video "Seeing Germs".  It demonstrates how to see germs spread.  There is an advertisement plug at the end; however, we felt the content was good.  You can decide whether it is appropriate to share with your preschooler.



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Greeting and Carpet Time
Greeting and Carpet Time
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Prayer and Pledge
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